Kronos Recovery Management provides consulting services in the following areas:

Credit origination

Evaluation and restructuring of the entire credit process, starting with loan application, scoring and approval, going through loan disbursement and active account management and ending with successful loan recovery.

Risk management and Internal control

Evaluation and restructuring of fraud detection and prevention systems, internal control systems, procedures and guidelines for active risk management.


Selection and implementation of suitable Information Systems that encompass key features for the business of our clients

Database maintenance

Structuring of databases, information flows and Management Information Systems.

Collection process

Definition of specific recovery strategies, based on different customer types, default periods, regional specifics and other characteristics that can be determined during detailed scrutiny of specific portfolios in the collection stage.


Educational sessions and workshops on Principles of portfolio management of distressed loans and receivables, as well as techniques for generating greater results from similar portfolios.

Portfolio curing